Hi there and welcome to my blog. My name is Kristina Echols and I am a 21 year old living in Bozeman, MT. I am currently in my last semester of college before receiving my Bachelor’s in Business Marketing. I have been married to the love of my life for three years now, and still falling more and more in love every day.

I have played around with the idea of blogging many times in the past. But I found it difficult to find my “niche”. I love makeup, I love cooking, I love sharing ideas for my home, I love sharing my adventures, truthfully I just really love talking, about everything! So I finally heard this magical term “lifestyle blogger”. I thought “well that should cover just about anything and everything” . So now you’re here, on my “lifestyle” blog, Beautiful Echoes.

I named this blog Beautiful Echoes for two reasons; one, my last name is Echols, (get it, Echoes…Echols? Clever right?). Second, it’s about me sharing things I find beautiful in my life. Now let me explain what beauty is to me. Beauty to me isn’t about beautiful appearances, or scenery’s. It’s about those things that make you radiate with happiness, those moments that sweep you off your feet, the people in your life that you love, the moments that strengthen you, and turning all of that in to an opportunity to inspire others, to echo the beauty in you. 

I’m excited for this journey! I hope you enjoy my blog, and stay around for awhile. I truly love talking with people and would love it if you were to leave comments and share with me your Beautiful Echoes