Dealing with Anxiety

We’ve all been there, the moments where we have such heightened emotions, our throat swells up, we get sweaty, we fell as if our heart is going to jump out of our chest. We all get anxiety for many reasons, stress, looking forward to exciting moments, fear, anticipation; dealing with anxiety can be incredibly hard. Recently I’ve been having many moments of severe anxiety. It makes it so hard to get through work, my classes, house work, etc. Everything feels like it’s pilling up on each other and there is no way out. At times all I want to do is scream, cry, curl up in to a big ball on my bed and sleep forever. I know I am not the only one out there that deals with this, I feel like everyone does at some time or another.  I wanted to share some tips that have helped me get through these times.

1. Take A Breather

We all have so much on our plates; work, school, relationships. Take a few moments to step back and breath. Take a bath, do some yoga, lay in bed, read a book, listen to some music, go on a walk, sit, just relax. It’s so important to just take a few moments to be just with yourself and not constantly on the go with whatever you have to do next.

2. Be Positive 

So much of anxiety can come from constantly telling yourself, “I can’t get through this”, “I’m not good enough”,  “I should have done this better”, etc. We all tell ourselves this, but you know what, you CAN get through this, you ARE good enough, and you did the best you can, plus as you know better you do better. Be positive with yourself. This might sound ridiculous but look in a mirror and tell yourself how GREAT you are. We constantly are surrounded by so much negativity, don’t allow yourself to put yourself down.

3. Talk With Someone

When I’m incredibly anxious I feel like I’m a balloon that is about to get over inflated and about to pop, when I take the time to get everything off my mind it allows me to deflate. Find someone or something to get everything off your chest; a friend, family member, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, blog, writing, anything that you can dump all your thoughts on. Just find someone or something to get everything off your chest.

4. Cut Back On Caffeine 

So this one is a bit painful for me to say. I love me some coffee, all day, everyday. But I have really found that when I’m going through times with really bad anxiety my little heart can’t take the caffeine! It causes my anxiety to skyrocket. The days I find myself having high anxiety and I drink coffee, my heart pounds like crazy, I constantly am shaking, and I can never get to sleep. If you are a heavy caffeine drinker like me and are suffering with anxiety try just having a small cup in the morning and drink something else for the rest of the day! It’ll do you wonders!

5. Do Something That Makes You Happy !

Take some time and do something that makes you happy; cook, clean, hike, take pictures, write, swim, go on a date, watch a movie, play with your dog, go on a weekend trip, take a drive, find whatever you love to do and do it! Being anxious can cause you to become seriously unhappy, try to overcome this by doing something that you love; and most important focus on that moment and nothing else.

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